11 Must-Have Lady Gins in Bars all Around the World

Girls & Ladies have their own special taste and way to party so that every bar in the world should have these Gins to quench and satisfy the ladies’ thirst.

Tinte Gin – Germany, Mainz

Bright colors which will delight your parties with friends

Why Tinte Gin? It’s a highlight not only because of its dark blue color and its extraordinary bottle design, also due to its unique taste. The cubic bottle reminds an old ink pot. Tinte Gin is a classic Dry Gin, produced in Mainz. Juniper is the star accompanied by nine excellent botanicals complexing the taste. These diverse botanicals are found in each continent adding unification of the world in one bottle. This Gin tastes as classic and aromatic so that one can enjoy it perfectly pure. Mixing it with Tonic Water is a real good way to cherish it as well. The highlight to respective parties: by mixing it the dark blue color is changing in a bright purple.

Mistral Gin – France, Provence

La vie en rose

The Provence in the South of France invites you to visit its wide blooming lavender fields and to try its local Gin. The family farm Forcalquiers Destillerie makes its own Gin shimmering in a lightly pink color by using their wine grapes and 12 well-considered chosen botanicals, amongst others juniper, different Provence herbages, coriander, cardamom, mint, basil, rose pepper and eucalyptus. Mistral Gin is very popular because of its refreshing taste of grapefruit and lemon flavor. You can enjoy its pure taste and it will give you the feeling to be in the Provence.

Elephant Gin – Kenya

Saving elephants by drinking Gin!

Kenya added to the category of tasty homemade Gins. Elephant Gin is created by the couple Tessa and Robin Gerlach, both originally from Germany and big elephant lovers. During a trip through Kenya, they got inspired and made use of the diversity of species of the land by mixing the traditional ingredients with African specials as Buchu, a traditional medical plant, and Baobab, the favorite fruit from the elephants and extremely rich in vitamin C. Elephant Gin has an extraordinary taste, but the best is that by drinking that Gin you save lives! 15 % from the profit contributes to both African foundations “Big Life Foundation” and “Space for Elephants” for saving the elephants.

Gin Mare – Spain

The taste of the Mediterranean Sea

This is the first Premium Gin which will beam you directly to the Mediterranean Cost! Gin Mare is not to be missed!. The History of this epic Gin takes back to a small fishing village not far away from Barcelona where the GirĂł Family manufactured high-quality spirits ever since three generations. In Gin Mare there is the essence of the whole Mediterranean Area: Greek rosemary and coriander, Turkish thyme, Italian basil, Indonesian cardamom and olives as well as Spanish citrus fruits. Handcrafted artisanal Gin Mare has a very unique refreshing and spicy taste. Try also TurrĂłn de Gin Tonic made of Albert AdriĂ  with that Gin. It is a sweet Gin Mare as its basic ingredient including lemon and white chocolate. The whole combination adds complexity to its flavors & aftertaste. You will love this combination!

Capital Gin Pink Lady – South Africa, Cape Town

It’s Summer Time!

A good tasty Pink Lady should be in every Gin Bar. Capital Gin Pink Lady is a must for all ladies who are willing to explore new products in the market, are open-minded and affine for diversity in their accomplishments. Here the stars besides juniper are floral hibiscus, earthy thyme, grapefruit zest and vanilla from Madagascar. Despite the global shortage of vanilla because of cyclones and climatic change, Capital Gin spares no effort to serve you this sweet lightness in a glass. It is fantastic for mixing it with Tonic Water, ice cubes and a slice of grapefruit. The summer can begin!

Malfy Gin – Italy, Moncalieri

Blaze of color & full-bodied taste

Panoramic View from the Amalfi Cost, Italy

Italy – that means Dolce Vita, culinary joy and … Gin! In Moncalieri, which is near to Turin and famous for its wines and spirits, stands since 1906 the Torini Distillati from the Vergnano Family. Besides the classic rather male Malfy Gin Originale made of Italian juniper, ladies should try its aromatic variations. Malfy Con Limone tastes tangy-lemon because of its high-quality lemons coming from Sicily and the Amalfi Cost and a hint of anise and coriander. It is perfect with Premium Tonic and a slice of lemon. Malfy Con Arancia is convincing ladies by its strong orange color due to the addition of Sicilian blood oranges. Malfy Gin Rosa with its shimmering pink color has an aromatic refreshing taste of grapefruit and spicy juniper. Enjoy the rich coloring and the delicious taste of Italy with Tonic or mixing it in your favorite cocktail.

Canaima Small Batch Gin – Venezuela

Pure taste of the Amazon Rain Forest

Having Canaima Small Batch Gin is like a trip to Venezuela’s rain forest due to the origin of its ingredients are originally from there. Besides juniper, there are six exotic Amazon botanicals, amongst others cashew nut as well as palm fruits. The intensive aroma reminds of the luxuriant and humid Amazon jungles,  tropical fruits, grapefruit and black pepper. Like a hike-tour through the lush Amazon – is full of pure joy & never forgettingexperience.

Nikka Coffey Gin – Japan, Hokkaido

A noble spirit from the Far East

Japanese Cat

Nikka Coffey, globally known for its Japanese Whiskey, disposes now also his homemade Nikka Coffey Gin in his assortment, distilled similarly. Nikka was founded by the Japanese chemist Masataka Taketsuru  and is one of the best whiskey distilleries in Japan. But the traditional Gin production too exists since a few decades. Its taste is fresh and spicy. Gin lovers adore that Gin for its true taste diversity due to the addition of diverse ingredients, amongst them Japanese citrus fruits and black pepper. With its alcohol strength of 47 % Vol. it is a must for the hard ladies or you mix it with ice cubes, Tonic and a slice of lemon.

Jaisalmer Indian Craft GinIndia, Jaisalmer

Enjoy Gin like a Queen

Bada Bagh Temple in Jaisalmer, India
Bada Bagh Temple in Jaisalmer, India

Deep in the sand dunes of astonishing beauty of Jaisalmer City in the state of Rajasthan, furthermore the king residence for India’s Maharajas and Maharanis much before when India, “The Golden Bird” was ruled by the British. It gives birth to the royal Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin. In one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of the old India, a gorgeous exotic Gin was produced with juniper and typical Indian ingredients like green tea from the Himalaya, lemon grass, cubeb pepper, lemon and orange zest plus caraway. Seven of the eleven handpicked ingredients are from all the regions of the massive Indian territory. This Gin takes you to an exotic trip to Jaisalmer, the Golden City full of rich palaces and caravans depicting the rich culture & heritage – giving you the feel to be like a Queen sitting miles away!

Jaffa Cake Gin – England

A sweet temptation

It is the favorite of British teatimeJaffa Cake. The same flavor of orange, vanilla, cacao and bitter chocolate has Jaffa Cake Gin. But don’t worry, ladies! It is not as sweet as its name and has much fewer calories. And it is not a liqueur! You can enjoy Jaffa Cake Gin perfectly with a small dessert or the 5-o-clock-tea. But it is also the ideal basis for a delicious Negroni garnished with a slice of orange. The best of it: you can enjoy this sweet dessert without regrets.

Brooklyn Gin – USA, New York

Classic taste & lovely worked out

The magnificent Art Decodesign of the bottle is eye striking. The classic taste of Brooklyn Gin includes refreshing handmade juniper as well as hand peeled oranges. It satisfies the classic traditional as well as modern Gin Consumers in all aspects. The Gin provides emotional, functional as well as Brand loyal benefits to all kinds of Gin consumers. Lemon-refreshing, spicy taste to quench each thirst and make their beloved memories unique.

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