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All Gin Brands, Bars & Facts from all other the world on one Website? How was this project born and what was the idea behind it? Here we intend to tell you the story of two passionate Gin Lovers & Drinkers and see how this story could never end with your support.

Our mission: International Gin Guide & Gin Community

Kai and Michael are globetrotters and especially love two things in their life: Traveling & Gin! During their numerous trips around the whole world, they tried plenty of Gins learning about new diverse local spirits. Similarly, as humanity has many languages they discovered that there are so many Gins. Also, they discovered that everywhere Gin has its own particular character & taste, but also the fact that not every Gin bar offers the desired Gin and has less appropriate variety of Tonic water in their assortment.


In 2013, the penny dropped during a trip to France: Why would they not create their own Gin Guide with international popularity? Both of them continued working on their idea, by collecting best Bars & Gins worldwide, the platform of the World Gin Club was born making it accessible to everyone. This World Gin Club Website, is a continuously growing international Gin Guide that not only offers important information & facts about the juniper spirit, various types of Gins & brands but also recommends appropriate tonic water that should not be missed in any bars. It also provides information about which local Gins can be tried on the spot.

The main idea is to help you discover many variations of Gin, by knowing about these different kinds of Gins you can pick one according to your mood. Enjoy all the facets of good Gin!

To grow this marvellous platform, getting involved in this fascinating world of Gin Guide would provide us with your needed support. Do you know any extraordinary Gin Bars, have discovered a new local Gin from your city or you are creative in recording videos of making excellent Gin Cocktails?


Let’s share it! Interesting or funny facts, Gin news, new recipes, cool pictures, or videos from you and your favorite Gin - with your help and active sharing, our community will conquer the world! Join in and send us your interesting material & recommendations until the next World Gin Day the 13th of June 2021.

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