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From 14.10.2020 WORLD GIN CLUB will present 500 selected Gins around the world.

The Kyoto Distillery

KINOBI is the first of its kind. KI NO BI has a recognisably dry gin flavourbut with a Japanese accent: pure, perfectly-balanced with distinctive aromas and a finish of light ginger spice. Our philosophy never allows compromise.

Holi Gin

Family, Friends, Fun, Festival...The 4 F's bring an order to life and remind us to live in the moment and appreciate our blessings, including those around us.

Hernö Gin

Hernö Gin is the first dedicated gin distillery in Sweden. Our hand hammered copper stills Kierstin and Marit are crafting our award-winning organic gin from natural botanicals.

Augustus Rex

Preserving old fruit varieties for the present and securing them for the future - this is also our contribution to the Ark Project of Slow Food Germany.

Nao Spirits

Nao Spirits & Beverages is an independent start-up company that aims to create craft spirits from India – for India and the rest of the world.

Kyrö Distillery Company

A group of friends were having a sauna and drinking rye whisky, when they began to ponder why nobody was making rye whisky in Finland. Surprisingly, the idea of starting their own distillery still seemed like a good one the following morning and from there, the journey of Kyrö began.


Try out unusual combinations, question established procedures, cross borders and think laterally, that is the philosophy of the LiquorMacher. And so the crazy idea was turned into a 125 not to leave years old family recipe gathering dust in the drawer, quickly much more.


The name for the Langatun Whisky is therefore a tribute to the first settlers and master brewers in our area. Their traditions were taken over, continued and expanded by Baumberger's descendants.

Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin

Since its very beginning, the distillation of Nordés gin takes place in a small distillery located in San Pedro de Sarandón, near Santiago de Compostela. This area, crossed by the river Ulla, stands out for its natural beauty and for the production of excellent Galician spirits.

Six Dogs Distillery

To us, creating Gin is not just about the handpicked botanicals, or our custom designed copper still, or the molecular technology we use to protect the delicate flowers used in the Gin. It is about waking up every day and loving what we do. It’s about setting out to make the finest gin we can, one batch at a time. It is about creating something extraordinary. Something to be proud of. That’s who we are.


Here with us, in the heart of the Black Forest, at the origin of the Renchtal, distilling has an ancient tradition. Recipes have been developed, rejected, changed, refined and perfected over the centuries.


It is the summer of 2013 when Yvan Vindevogel, pharmacist-entrepreneur, discovers an interesting link between the mighty powers of the liquor we call Gin and his profession as a pharmacist.

JAISALMER Indian Craft Gin

Jaisalmer is the setting of a million tales about a time when royalty merged with merged with culture, beauty with opulence and life was a mere dip in the massive ocean of royalty.

Spreewood Distillers

Three friends go to Brandenburg to buy a whiskey cask and come home with a distillery. That's how short and concise the history of the founders Sebastian Brack, Steffen Lohr and Bastian Heuser can be summarized.

The Duke Destillerie

Late in the evening of autumn 2007, two young gentlemen got together to enjoy a cultivated gin & tonic at the end of the day's work. Always tempted by a good drop, one glass resulted in another and the ideas developed with equal daring.


In our opinion, the production of Premium-Gin needs passion, attention to detail and the desire for quality.


We fell in love with the South of France because….well, it’s the South of France. “La Côte d'Azur” has inspired so many people before us and keeps fascinating many. Multitudes of artists have felt the same pull.


In the Feingeisterei, our manufactory in Basthorst (near Hamburg ), Fabian Rohrwaser distills the 5 continents Gin with 22 botanicals from all five continents.


Infused with cucumber or grapefruit and produced in small batches so as to guarantee exceptional quality, our gin is manufactured locally using only the finest ingredients.


Windspiel Gin kommt mit dem Hang zum besonderen. So vereint er Tradition, Eleganz und Bodenständigkeit in einer Flasche.

Aviation American Gin

Every bottle of Aviation Gin is handcrafted in small 100-case batches by a small, dedicated team of master distillers in Portland, Oregon.

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