Origin: Axberg, Österreich
Type: Dry Gin, Sloe Gin
Alc.: 28% – 43%
Price range: €€




Austrian Vintage Distilled Dry Gin, Small Batch, Since 2006


Gin is Passion

The production of premium gin requires - in our opinion - passion, accuracy and the right feeling for quality. Our journey begins with wheat. More precisely with the "Mulan" wheat variety. It grows in Upper Austrian fields and is therefore a wonderful raw material for our raw brandy due to its regionality. The distillation traditionally takes place in small copper bubbles using the "pot still process". Due to the low temperature, this process is considered one the gentlest. After the distillation to the fine brandy, the spices come into play. These are different, meticulously selected spices from all over the world, which are processed by "maceration". This wonderfully fragrant Approach can now rest a little and after some time it becomes a third and distilled last time. What we get now is gin. BLUE GIN to be precise, and the journey continues.


The variety of Botanicals

27. No more, no less. We cannot betray everyone but so much is said. Juniper is the main ingredient. The berries are only used fresh and come from the last harvest. Above all, their aroma must be fresh and typically Mediterranean-spicy. Other ingredients include lemon zest, angelica root, coriander seeds, turmeric, liquorice roots and many more. Where these high-quality "botanicals" come from is of course also a secret in detail, but it is said that they come from more than ten countries: Egypt, China, Spain, Indonesia, Macedonia, Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, USA and Vietnam should be among them.

Pure spring Water

The spring water with which our BLUE GIN is enriched comes from a Mühlviertler Alm in the north of Upper Austria. Maybe some are wondering what can be so special about water? But this step is one of the most important in gin production! You need particularly low-lime and low-sodium water, and it should also be as soft, mild and not least regional. The Mühlviertler source offers all of this. This pure and unpolluted water is extremely rare in its quality and therefore also meets our high requirements for our high-proof gin to 43% vol. Reduce alcohol to be able to.

Sloeberry Blue Gin

With our BLUE GIN we laid the foundation stone. And we were looking for more. A counterpart to the classic "BLUE GIN" was needed. With less alcohol and more fullness in taste. And since who gave birth to the idea, SLOEBERRY BLUE GIN. The perfect recipe was found and with the aroma and taste that we encountered, we almost exceeded ourselves. Our classic BLUE GIN serves as the starting product. The organic sloes then take care of the rest and the result can really be seen and tasted.





This gin’s journey begins with wheat. More precisely with the wheat variety "Mulan", which only grows on fields in Upper ...

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