Origin: Black Forest, Germany
Type of Gin: Premium Dry Gin
Alc.: 43 %
Price Range: €€




Gold of the forest

Wildly grown and hand-picked ingredients from the Black Forest make this masterly composition something very special. In an almost mystical moment of pleasure, the traditional natural aromas unfold with a particularly fine mildness - classic with juniper berries, lavender and thyme, refined and harmonized by an innovative process with the addition of the rare Black Forest gold - the Black Forest Truffle.

The deep Waters

The story of the BOAR distillery in the Black Forest is that of a simple, down-to-earth wish - to be satisfied with only the best. Only the finest botanicals and purest raw materials find their chosen place in our pleasure compositions - in every note, every nuance, every moment. Scooped from our own spring, the Black Forest deep spring water gives our distillates a special mildness, rich in minerals, natural.

The Renchtal

Here with us, in the heart of the Black Forest, at the origin of the Renchtal, distilling has an ancient tradition. Recipes have been developed, rejected, changed, refined and perfected over the centuries.


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