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Something about BOAR Distillery im Schwarzwald


Since the beginning of 2016, BOAR Gin is distilled in the small family-owned distillery in the Black Forest, which is known for its premium, high-quality spirits since 1844. “We wanted to think outside the box and show what is possible in terms of quality with gin when the experience of six generations is involved”, Markus Kessler explains. He is the ancestor of Andreas Kessler, the founder of Schwarzwaldhof and the distillery in idyllic Bad Peterstal. Kaiser Wilhelm I. and his wife Augusta were already -to put it in modern terms- “fans” of the noble distillates and liqueurs from the family-owned distillery. In 1876, Augusta even celebrated her 65. Birthday in Bad Peterstal!


However, in the Black Forest people have always lived humble lives. The whole family helps-until today! “Mom Paula and Aunt Rita do the bottling, labeling, and packaging by hand, and put lots of heart and love into it”, Markus Kessler says. He distills and promotes the gin together with Hannes and Torsten. Everyone is involved. After 175 years, the gin is also the distillery’s main pillar. “The awards from all around the world create attention, so we’ve got our hands full”, Kessler says. BOAR Gin has an exceptional feature: it is distilled with the very rare Black Forest truffle.

The truffle causes a harmonizing effect in the manufacturing process and extracts the bitter-tasting compounds and the heat from the gin-it becomes very mild and digestible. All in all, 19 botanicals are used in the process. After the distillation, the gin rests for 3 months, then the Black Forest water with a high mineral content from our own mountain spring reduces the gin to 43% and we bottle it.

The gin does not only taste distinguished, it also is distinguished: Only recently, BOAR Gin was awarded the Best Gin and Best Clear Spirit in the World (Gold both times) by the Global Spirit Awards! The DLG attests to that.

At the Internationaler Spirituosen Wettbewerb it got awarded “Best Gin” and also won “Gin of the Year 2019”. And the high point: At the World Spirits Award, BOAR Gin won gold two times and was awarded “Spirit of the Year 2020”.

When you open the bottle, notes of juniper, lavender, thyme and a hint of citrus beguile your nose. On the tongue, you will taste a mild-complex play of pepper, rosemary and ginger notes. A mild finish without any bitterness or heat. Tastes like you need to take another sip! Recommendation: DRINK!





Boar Gin

Boar Gin

This gin is distilled and filled by hand in a small family distillery in the Black Forest, the most award-winning ...

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