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Grote & Co. Spirits was founded in Berlin by Gabriel Grote.

After gaining national recognition for their herb infused schnapps, made after Gabriel’s father’s recipe, they are now starting out in the gin world with the first organic gin from Berlin: Spree Gin.

Traditional, manual craft is important to the start-up company, the gin is distilled in small batches in Europe’s oldest distillery. Grote & Co. Spirits is also very invested in their Berlin heritage. All of their spirits, including Spree Gin, named after the iconic Berlin river, proudly show off where they come from, especially when it comes to ingredients and design.

Grote & Co. Spirits produce vodka, honey schnapps, Berlin Herbal Elixyr, organic Amaro, and, of course, their tasty Spree Gin.

Spree Gin was awarded in the category “Outstanding Gin” by the World Gin Club in 2020.






Spree Gin

Spree Gin

This is Berlin’s first organic gin with the iconic “Spreewaldgurke”, a famous German cucumber. Spree Gin is a love letter ...

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