New Zealand

New Zealand Brands

Puhoi Organic Distillery-the Boutique Gin

Named by Lonely Planet as the “top of the list boutique distillery worldwide”, “Puhoi” is the only distillery in Auckland that is also open for

New Zealand Brands

Broken Heart Spirits-A New Beginning

The story of “Broken Heart” is sad and inspiring at the same time: The two German ex-pats Joerg and Bernd spent three whole years creating

New Zealand Brands

1919 Distilling-Fruity Fun

In 1919, New Zealand almost prohibited the use of alcohol. 51% of New Zealanders voted against this and now “1919 Distilling” celebrates those who fought

New Zealand

New Zealand: Lord of the Gins

New Zealand is famous for the stunning landscapes, friendly people, and -of course- the Lord of the Rings movies, which were shot in its breathtaking

These brands make your favorite gin

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Sepoy & Co. Mint Tonic Water

Sepoy & Co. Mint Tonic Water

A complex innovative drink with a natural style and a playful contrast between bitterness and fresh mint ...
Sepoy & Co. Spiced Grapefruit Tonic Water

Sepoy & Co. Spiced Grapefruit Tonic Water

A medium-bodied versatile drink that oozes grapefruit along with traces of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and clove ...
Ledger's Tonic - Tonic Water & Tangerine

Ledger’s Tonic – Tonic Water & Tangerine

Ideal to enjoy alone at any time of day ...
Ledger's Tonic - Tonic Water & Licorice

Ledger’s Tonic – Tonic Water & Licorice

Ledgers & licorice: Stimulates your sense smell, allowing you to enjoy the aroma and taste of your drink ...
Ledger's Tonic - Tonic Water & Cinnamon

Ledger’s Tonic – Tonic Water & Cinnamon

Ledgers & Cinamon: Almost the perfect mixer. Stimulates gastric acid Cinamon you enjoy your favorite drink prepares enhancing the taste ...
Ledger's Tonic - Tonic Water

Ledger’s Tonic – Tonic Water

Ledgers Tonic Water: A unique tonic water, perfect to enjoy on its own or to mix with your favorite flavors ...
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