Copenhagen Distillery-Handmade Organic Gin

The Copenhagen Distillery is located in the Danish capital. The distillery was started as a pure whiskey distillery by a whiskey lover who fulfilled his dream of making his own liquor. By now, the Copenhagen Distillery has grown into a small team of dedicated craftsmen with a passion for making unique spirits. In addition to whiskey and gin, they also produce liqueurs and other spirits. 

After the first fully organic gin from the distillery, the Bay Leaf Gin, they set themselves the goal of making all spirits 100% organic. The Copenhagen Distillery team also attaches great importance to the issue of sustainability. Among other things, the grist from the whiskey is used as animal feed and the stoppers for the bottle are made from recycled cork. 

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Katharina Tompert

Katharina Tompert

India Brands
Melanie Rahimpour

Jaisalmer Gin – One of the Best Gins in Asia

Jaisalmer Indian craft gin comes 2019 from Radico Khaitan, one of the oldest whisky distillers in India. This is a triple-distilled neutral grain spirit which is re-distilled in a traditional copper pot. As for the flavours, they are made using ancient Indian herbs that help retain the original flavour

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