Ekobryggeriet – Organic Premium Tonic Inspired by Nordic Nature

Tonic brand Ekobryggeriet, which is owned by the Nordic Soda Company, offers Sweden’s leading organic premium tonics. The tonic is produced in Österlen, in the south of Sweden, and contains only organic sugar, natural aromas, carbonated water and citric acid. Of course with the bitter taste of tonic.

Today Ekobryggeriet offers twelve different products. Eleven tonics in all kind of different flavors, spruce-shots, cloudberry and rhubarb to mention some, as well as one Soda Water.

Their Organic premium Tonic flavors are inspired by Nordic nature and culture. In the two bestsellers and the flavors that Ekobryggeriet are most known for, you can feel the taste of the forest in the Spruce Shoots tonic and the taste of summer garden in their Rhubarb tonic.

Instead of using quinine, they use natural aroma from Quassia in their tonic. Quassia is another type of bitterwood plant, but from South America. They use it for many good reasons, but to mention one of them it is because it is better suitable for their ecological production.

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