Gin: Facts & Figures

20 calories per centiliter

You can see that Gin is very low-cal. The high rate of juniper and coriander stimulate in a particular way the renal function and so, noxious substances are quickly washed out from the body. The perfect alcoholic detox! Furthermore, Gin is rich in antioxidants which neutralize free radicals. That has a good anti-aging effect for your skin.

37,5 % alcohol

… is the percentage that Gin should have according to the EU regulation to get the name London (Dry) Gin. In addition, he can only be composed of natural and nature identical flavorings – for example coriander seeds, angelica or dry lemon and orange zest. But the characteristic taste of juniper has always to predominate.

1000 Gin types

… and a lot of more Gin types are supposed to exist. There are no clear statistics. You can find the biggest Gin collection in the Austrian bar STOLLEN 1930 in Kufstein: with incredibly 527 Gin types the bar entered as the biggest Gin collection 2014 in the guiness book of records. Today the bar disposes already more than 900 Gins and is collecting more and more.

88 euro for 4 cl

…is the price you have to pay for the most expensive Gin, a limited eddition of Adler Berlin Gin, produced by adding hand picked botanicals. Only 500 bottles were produced by the Berlin Porcelain Manufactory

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