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Eimverk Distillery
This distillery, located south of Reykjavik, has been operating in Iceland since 2009. There, premium spirits like gin, but also whiskey, are produced from 100% regional ingredients. It is also the production site for the famous “VOR Icelandic Pot distilled Gin”.
La Distillerie de Monaco
“La Distillerie de Monaco” is the first and so far only distillery in Monaco. Located in the La Condamine district of the city, the distillery offers a collection of liqueurs and spirits that represent the Principality of Monaco with their fruity citrus taste. By selecting the best local ingredients and the handcrafted production steps, the distillery manages to produce exclusive liqueurs and spirits.
Harris Distillery

The Isle of Harris distillery is located in Tarbert, the main town on the island, and started production in autumn 2015. A privately owned company that emerged in this remote location due to the founders’ deep attachment to the island and their affection for their residents. As the only distillery on the island, it rises above the small port of Tarbert and represents the spirit of the island for everyone who comes to Harris by land or sea.


The distillery’s socially oriented concept was born out of the idea of ​​making the best possible use of the island’s natural resources in order to sustainably strengthen the local economic power, create jobs and a social hub for the approximately 2000 islanders and the name Harris not only for tweed but also to make known for whiskey and gin.


As a small and independent distillery, the Harris distillery maintains a personal relationship with the lovers of the products. It is only produced in small quantities and with great attention to the quality that inspires customers. One always wants to offer the greatest possible transparency and information, sustainability and values ​​are more important than extensive availability. In the newsletter we regularly report on the distillery, products and other news from the island.


More information about the Harris Distillery can be found on the website: https://www.harrisdistillery.de/

Wiegand Manufactur Weimar

The Wiegand Manufactur Weimar combines classic taste and modern design in one bottle. True to the motto: “Less is more”, Wiegand Manufactur produces two different types of liqueur and gin with its small 150 liter still. With its home liqueur, Lyonel Dry Gin and Fass-Gin, the small family business is currently conquering the German spirits market. Company founder Matthias Wiegand worked on the perfect taste composition of the individual products for up to a year. With a keen sense for the different nuances of the certified organic ingredients, he has created a flowery and unique herbal liqueur as well as a characteristic and fresh London Dry style gin.


We offer gin tastings in the manufacture & for large groups outside the home: Gin is not the same as gin. To make this tangible, four different types of gin are tasted. Two from the trade and two from handcrafted production provide information about the diversity of the gin. In addition, the tasting gives an insight into the history of gin,
its production, maceration, the use of herbs and finally illustrates the process of distillation.


More information about the Wiegand Manufactur can be found on the website: https://www.wiegandweimar-shop.de/

Hope Distillery

Every day we set out to make the absolute best spirits that we can. We’re constantly experimenting and striving for excellence, mixing up new ideas and honing our recipes in our custom-built distillery. For us, it’s about creating something exceptional; something instilled with integrity and passion; something that will become the perfect accompaniment to people’s special moments.


A place with provenance. Visit Hope Distillery & Tasting Room to explore our full range of spirits and learn first-hand about our on-site production processes. You can meet the team, see the stills in action, “nosethe botanicals, taste our range of spirits and try any limited-edition runs.


More information about the Hope Distillery can be found on the website: https://www.hopedistillery.co.za/

Cantina Corrado Distillery

The olive farmer Kurt Wahler has a nice plot of land in the beautiful Acquaviva Picena in Italy, on which he has some olive trees. In addition to the olives from which he produces high-quality olive oil, he also has vineyards and produces delicious wine in beautiful Italy. In addition to his passion for olive oil and wine, he is also enthusiastic about gin. He produces strictly limited gin for selected friends.


More information about Cantina Corrado can be found on the Website: https://cantinacorrado.de/


Knut Hansen Distillery

In our Open, Distilled, experience up to how our Knut Hansen Dry Gin is lived to life.


Here we process the finest juniper as well as fresh cucumbers and basil from Hamburg and fruity apples from the old country in order to distill our KNUT HANSEN DRY GIN and to bring it into his unmistakable stoneware bottle with lots of love and manual work. KNUT HANSEN has its roots in the north and its home in our small factory in the middle of Hamburg.


With tasty KNUT HANSEN G & Ts, we provide comprehensive background knowledge on the subject of gin in a small group, show practical tips for every home bar and, of course, try not to be neglected. Of course, a very special souvenir should not be missing: Your own gin compiled from a selection of different botanicals.


More information about Knut Hansen can be found on the website: https://www.knuthansengin.de/

Windspiel Distillery

The story of the Windspiels is based on a simple, down-to-earth vision. Sandra Wimmeler, Denis Lönnendonker and Tobias Schwoll were looking for an autonomous lifestyle, free of all constraints. This vision led the three protagonists to the farm, Weilerhof, in the picturesque village of Berlingen in the Volcanic Eifel region. Apart from forest, farmland and the Kasselburg castle, there was nothing else as far as the eye could see. The threesome decided there and then that this would be the place where their dreams would become a reality. Their goal was to produce honest products and to lead a life in harmony with nature. But did they really want to exchange their fine clothes for overalls? They wouldn‘t be the Windspiels if they didn‘t continue wearing bow-ties, braces and beautiful clothes on their farm and keep up their epicurean pursuits.


Only Tobias donned his flannel shirt and diligently began working to ensure that the three of them would soon be one step closer to their dream of autonomy. Every evening the three friends would treat themselves to a glass of gin and would relax together, savouring their home-cooked Eifel potato dishes. That is until Tobias began talking about his dreams. He wanted to be a potato farmer. But due to the stony soils in the Eifel, it would be virtually impossible. Impossible, that is, for almost anybody except Tobias of the Windspiels.


More information about Windspiel can be found on the website: https://www.windspiel-manufaktur.com/

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