Journey to the North-Bordiga1888

Pietro Bordiga is a passionate herbalist and a profound connoisseur of Alpine botanicals. His parents moved from Valle Grana to Turin, the first capital of the newborn Kingdom of Italy, and Bordiga opened his own distillery in Cuneo. He chose to start his activity as a producer of Vermouth Wine. Medicinal herbs and precious spices from the East are the basis of Vermouth of Turin, a product Bordiga was born with.

After the “postwar period” everything changed and with the synthesis and production of artificial flavours it was possible to produce high quantities at cheap prices, obviously of mediocre or even low quality.

Bordiga’s values

Bordiga doesn’t adapt to this evolution and the production remains that of the origins even if the difficulties are enormous, as evidenced by the countless closures of well-known brands.

The philosophy and quality of the products that animated the founder remained unchanged; production always starts with selected and high-quality raw materials.

Why appreciate Bordiga 1988

Bordiga 1888 and their gin take us to the Alps, with their hot, dry summers and snowy winters, flowers and herbs grow with unique characteristics here. The 100% natural gin Occitan, with juniper berries hand-picked in the Alps, takes us to a mountain hut in front of the fireplace with its strong flavour.

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Alessia Piscopo

Alessia Piscopo

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