photographer: Audrey Mari

Kozue – Refreshing & Spicy

Gin for earthy woody botanicals variety seekers! Nakano BC in Wakayama prefecture, which has expertise in producing sake and umeshu (plum liquor), has selected koyamaki (Japanese umbrella pine) as Kozue’s predominant aromatic informant, making it the first gin to use these endemic pine needles as a botanical. Added to this are the pepper pungency of sansho, bursts of berries, mandarin and lemon peels, and juniper berries. The juniper aroma is somewhat muted by the pine needles, meaning this is not a traditional dry gin. From start to finish, Kozue drives a green, forest-fresh agenda, with subtle hints of citrus, mint and spice in between.

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Melanie Rahimpour

Melanie Rahimpour

New Zealand
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