Most Famous Gin Drinkers

A long time ago, Gin was replaced by Vodka, but meanwhile, Gin has achieved its successful revival in the bars all over the world with increasing popularity. Gin Bars and Gin Distilleries show immense growth worldwide. There the question arises who among the celebrities are actually the biggest Gin lovers?

Queen Mum and daughter – One day without any Gin? No way!

Queen Elizabeth in an Oldtimer

Queen Mum could not resist her treasured Gin. Already at lunchtime, she indulged herself in drinking a glass of Gin. It helped her to handle the tiring duties of the British Royal House. She even charged her servants to always have a bottle of Gin in a hat box for the case of emergency. It didn’t harm her because she got incredibly 102 years old. Her daughter too, the acting Queen of the British Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II., cherishes  Gin. The Royal’s favorite Gin is the traditional Scottish Gordon’s. In 1988, Gordon’s was named by Queen Mum as official furnisher of the Royal Family as the supplies were safe at her place.

From Hemingway to J. K. Rowling – Gin as writer’s inspiration

Ernest Hemingway

Some of the most famous writers love to drink a good glass of Gin until today. Powerful eloquent geniuses like  F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway adored Gin. Fitzgerald eternalized his favorite Cocktail Gin Rockey, which contains lots of lime juice, in his masterpiece, “The Great Gatsby”. But Hemingway preferred rather very dry Martinis which are supposed to be chilled ice cold so that it was almost impossible to hold the glass in the hand. The most successful writer of our times, the author of Harry Potter’s adventures, J. K. Rowling, cherishes Gin & Tonic too. So is Gin the writer’s secret inspiration? You should try!

James Bond: One of the most famous Gin Drinkers ever seen?

Sean Connery with a a glass of WHiskey in the hand

Everyone knows Bond’s typical saying at the bar: “A Martini. Shaked, not stirred.” But what has this Martini in common with Gin? When 007 orders a Martini, he means the traditional Cocktail composed by Gin, Vermouth, ice cubes and a slice of lemon. But in the book Casino Royale back in 1953, the author Ian Fleming describes the Martini precisely: Gordon’s Gin, Vodka and some Kina Lillet (a liqueur). In that way, the author broke with the precedent and in the end, the Gin disappeared completely in Bond’s Cocktail. In the films, he drinks nothing except neutral Vodka-Martini. That is one of the biggest errors in the cocktail knowledge of our times!

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