MuMa gin

MuMa Gin- Mediterranean Soul

The Muma project comes to life when two Apulian excellences met each other: Frantoio Muraglia and Birrificio Matà. Savino Muraglia is an entrepreneur and producer of extra virgin olive oil in Andria. The Birrificio Matà of Cerignola produces high fermentation and unpasteurized artisan beers that are similar in style to American and Belgian beers.

This gin is born in the warm and sunny region of the South involving all five senses, but it is in taste and smell that we can taste his authentic nature.

One taste realized with eight ingredients, two sizes, and a design inspired by the colours of the sea.

The main tasting notes are camomile, cinnamon for some delicate oriental hints, lemon, orange and purified sea water. It is much appreciated all over the world for “tasting like the Mediterranean Sea in a glass“.

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