Nordisk Brænderi-The Traveling Distiller

Engineer Anders Bilgram is the founder and manager of the Nordisk Brænderi. Through travels and visits to Germany, Russia and the Nordic countries he has gained lots of experience as a distiller. Not only does that make him the perfect leader of a distillery, but he has also been leader of Arctic expeditions and is a member of the Adventure Club in Copenhagen.

The distillery is located in the “Hødalen” ravine, built during the ice age. Besides gin, the distillery also produces whiskey, rum, and schnapps. Only the best raw materials are used for all the products. 

It is remarkable that all bottles from the distillery are marked with the handwritten date of the bottling day, numbered and signed by the distiller. The first part of the number refers to the production, the letter after the first three numbers indicates the stock. Then the year of production is written and finally a number indicating the stock of this bottling and the specific number within the stock.

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