Old Islandia Gin – Based on a Traditional Recipe

The “Old Islandia Gin” has been produced at the Volcanic Drinks Distillery in Reykjavik since 2010 and is based on an Icelandic recipe that has been perfected over many years. Only traditional Icelandic ingredients like juniper berries, coriander, ginger, and angelica are used to produce the spirit. Pure Icelandic spring water is used to adjust the alcohol volume.¬†
The gin is distilled seven times, filtered through lava rock, and is gluten-free. It smells like a variety of earthy herbs and has a strong juniper note. The juniper also comes through in the taste, then later the spicy-hot ginger. 

Perfect serve: As a Gin Tonic with a garnish of lemon peel

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Katharina Tompert

Katharina Tompert

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