1919 Pineapple Bits Gin

#New Zealand

Title: 1919 Pineapple Bits Gin

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In 1919, New Zealand almost prohibited the use of alcohol. 51% of New Zealanders voted against this and now 1919 Distilling celebrates those who fought to keep drinking with their remarkable spirits. The brand owns a craft distillery where they produce gin and whiskey. “1919” owns the first “Pineapple Bit Gin”, a fruity, fun change of the usual gin flavors. With “1919”, it’s quality over quantity: Everything is distilled and bottled in their small distillery in New Zealand.


Pineapple Dreams

This 1919 Pineapple Bits Gin is something special: The very first gin worldwide that has fruity pineapple bits in it-perfect for the summer months when you crave a refreshing drink. Fresh pineapple is added to the usual 1919 Gin ingredients and gives this gin a fruity twist. This one is a limited edition, so be fast! The 1919 Pineapple Bits Gin has won Gold at the Juniper Awards.  

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