1919 Pink Gin

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Title: 1919 Pink Gin

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In 1919, New Zealand almost prohibited the use of alcohol. 51% of New Zealanders voted against this and now 1919 Distilling celebrates those who fought to keep drinking with their remarkable spirits. The brand owns a craft distillery where they produce gin and whiskey. “1919” owns the first “Pineapple Bit Gin”, a fruity, fun change of the usual gin flavors. With “1919”, it’s quality over quantity: Everything is distilled and bottled in their small distillery in New Zealand.


Summer in New Zealand

1919 Pink Gin is the perfect gin for summer, fruity and sweet. It is distilled with raspberries and 100% Auckland grown strawberries. Adding to the botanicals from the Original Gin, this one is more refreshing, with a lingering taste of strawberry. 1919 Pink Gin has won numerous awards, in New Zealand and the US. We recommend you try this gin with your favorite tonic and a strawberry as garnish.

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