Dresdner Gin


Title: Dresdner Gin

Coriander Lemon Balm

In the house of Augustus Rex, under the direction of the Prince of Saxony, quality gin is produced. Besides popular products like the "Sachsendreier", the Cinderella liqueur or many other great brandies and spirits, the Dresden gin has made a name for itself far beyond the borders of the state - and not only because of the special, tilted bottle.

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The Queen’s Gin

In addition to classic juniper aromas, the 44% vol. spirit also contains fine nuances of citrus fruits, coriander, lemon balm, white flowers and other spices. After the finish, the Augustus Rex Dresdner Gin is very powerful on the palate and yet impressively soft. The 300-liter copper pot still provides an impressive fullness of aromas during distillation, which is accompanied by a fascinatingly soft taste: This gin is so great that even the Queen of England has tasted it by now.  

Origin: Moritzburg, Germany
Type of Gin: Dry Gin, Potato Gin
Alc.: 40% – 44%
Price Range: €€

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Augustus Rex

About Us

In the middle of Moritzburg, the hunting residence of the Electors of Saxony, is our speciality distillery & future brewery "Augustus-Rex - Königliche Distillates" and the "Genusshaus Prinz von Sachsen". The name of the manufactory reminds of August the Strong, Elector of Saxony.

Elector August was also an epicurean who enjoys good food, fine drinks and pleasant company very much appreciated. In his manufactory Nils Prince of Saxony ties in the pleasure tradition of his ancestors.

For his distillates he processes high quality, regional and rare fruit varieties for first-class brandies and Liqueurs. Intense aromas inspire connoisseurs and laymen alike.

Gin, Whisky and vodka also enrich the range. Delightful moments experience at one of the tastings or seminars such as KinderKochen for Your (grand)parents, men's cooking, (wild)bratwurst seminars with fresh spices and whatever else comes to mind in the future.


The Story about Augustus Rex



When Georg Schenk and his wife moved to Dresden in 1998, they discovered numerous uncultivated orchard meadows in the side valleys of the Elbe River while exploring the surroundings.

Through their commitment to Slow Food, they increasingly asked themselves how these unique resources could be preserved in the long term.

With the purchase of the land in a former vineyard in Dresden-Klotzsche, they came up with the idea of setting up a distillery and producing high-quality spirits from the varieties that were no longer economically viable. Despite all the difficulties involved, their initial hobby became both a profession and a vocation.

In 2001 their dream of their own distillery came true. The distillery, which they lovingly call "Dicke Berta", was installed in the old vaulted cellar of the distillery.


We have named our company after Augustus-Rex (King August the Strong), a connoisseur par exellence.

He has had a lasting influence on and promoted fruit growing in Saxony, not least to stock his table with fresh fruit all year round.

Without him, the many old orchards around Dresden would not exist, which with their long forgotten fruit varieties are the basis for our single-variety distillates today.

Who doesn't remember the first apple sauce in July from the "White Clear Apple" from the grandparents' garden with its fine-spicy aroma, the baked

apple from the "Red Boskoop" or the "Danziger Kantapfel" with its crimson shining skin and its rose-like fine scent. Who today can still distinguish a pear of the "Delicious of Charneu" variety from a "Good Luise of Avranches"?

Through intensive search in the old meadows, with the help of and in cooperation with pomologists, we were even able to discover a stock of the "Bohemian Rose Apple", which was already considered extinct.

These unique resources of unsprayed fruit make it possible to produce highly aromatic, varietal brandies of great variety and high quality.



Starting with manual harvesting and hand-picked processing of fully ripe, natural raw materials, through gentle distillation with the most modern quadruple distillation technology and the excellent expertise of our employees, the intensive aromas of "old" fruit varieties reach their full development.


We can proudly refer to the awarding of 84 gold, silver and bronze medals for our top distillates at international awards.


Dresdner Gin

Dresdner Gin

In the house of Augustus Rex, under the direction of the Prince of Saxony, quality gin is produced. Besides popular ...
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