Herbie Virgin


Title: Herbie Virgin

Lavender Cardamon Orange Peel

Herbie Gin is a craft gin brand that produces organic craft gin, distilled in Denmark with carefully selected botanicals. Herbie Gin started off in North Jutland. Founded by award-winning distiller Anders Bilgram and spirits producer Anders Skotlander in 2016, Herbie Gin had the goal of becoming a Danish gin brand that produces value-for-money gin with distinctive character who would both challenge and surprise. By now, Herbie Gin has been awarded numerous times, both in their home country and abroad, and achieved their goal in 2018 by being named as one of the 10 best “Value-for-money” gins in the world by leading international spirits trade publication “The Spirit Business”. Herbie Gin has also produced the very first non-alcoholic gin, Herbie Virgin.

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Alcohol-Free Indulgence

For anyone who does not consume alcohol but likes to experience the spicy taste of gin, Herbie Gin has launched Herbie Virgin, the world’s first non-alcoholic gin. The gin from Hjortdal Vej, Denmark is distilled with apples, juniper berries, lavender, cardamom, and orange peel. It is particularly suitable for non-alcoholic cocktails and other mixed drinks. The Virgin Gin contains a sweet note of lavender and green apples. Furthermore, the liquor gives off spicy notes of cardamom and a subtle touch of orange peel and juniper. On the palate, the gin is rather floral with notes of citrus peel and warm spices like cardamom and cinnamon.

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