Kyrö Pink Gin


Title: Kyrö Pink Gin

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Kyrö decided to explore (and have fun in the process) what pink gin could be if it was made truly for everyone. What they discovered is Kyrö Pink Gin – a celebration of true equality in taste, people & thoughts

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Finnish Equality in a Bottle

Kyrö Pink Gin is a traditionally made small batch gin. It’s infused with foraged lingonberries, strawberries & rhubarb – the best of Finnish forests and gardens. A pink gin made to be equally enjoyed by everyone. Try Kyrö Pink Gin with soda or tonic and lots of ice.

Origin: Isokyrö, Finland
Type of Gin: Rye Gin, Pink Rye Gin, Dark Rye Gin
Alc.: 38.2 – 46.3 %
Price range: €€



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The Beginning

Like many great ideas (and half of the Finnish population), the idea for Kyrö Distillery Company was conceived in a sauna by a group of friends with a shared love of rye whisky.

Kyrö story started with five guys sipping on rye whisky in a Finnish sauna. What once was just a crazy idea, has grown into a supersized family. Meet the Kyrö people who still believe dreams do come true and dare to make them happen.

The Finnish Heritage

True to our Finnish heritage, we do everything the hard way; even though it is the most demanding grain to distill, we only work with 100% whole-grain rye. In addition to the intense flavour of Finnish rye, our

award-winning gins contain local wild botanicals foraged from right outside the distillery, contributing to the recognizable and unique flavour.

The Key to the Heart

The key components are deeply rooted in the very heart of Finnish nature. Warm spice from the rye is combined with twelve dry and four freshly distilled botanicals, creating a uniquely local flavour.



Kyrö Gin

Kyrö Gin

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Kyrö Pink Gin

Kyrö Pink Gin

Kyrö decided to explore (and have fun in the process) what pink gin could be if it was made truly ...
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