Laori Juniper No 1


Title: Laori Juniper No 1

Rosemary Juniper Cardamon Lavender

Grown and distilled in the Provence in France, manufactured in the surroundings of Berlin, Laori is low in calories, sugar-free and alcohol-free. Produced without any artificial flavoring and vegan, Laori tastes just like the real deal! You will receive the best results when mixing it with tonic for a refreshing drink.

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Laori Juniper No 1 is the alcohol-free alternative to gin that tastes like gin and smells like it, too. The typical gin taste comes from seven botanicals, such as juniper, cardamom and rosemary. With their innovative distilling process, similar to those used by perfumers in France, their herbs are distilled with water steam and without any alcohol.

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