LiquorMacher – Hopfen Gin


Title: LiquorMacher – Hopfen Gin


The two friends Martin and Timo had the idea to combine two of their favorite drinks: gin and beer. The result is this collaboration between the friends and family owned brewery Moritz Fiege: a hop gin. After many weeks of searching for the perfect recipe, they landed at juniper, pears, tangerines, spruce needles and, of course, hop.

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A Great Alternative to Beer

The slightly tangy hop smell reminds you of a green meadow in summer, and the pears make it wonderfully sweet. You can taste the herby aromas of the hop on your tongue and the ripe fruits. Afterwards you will be able to still taste the citrus and the spruce needles. This gin really tastes like Rock ’n Roll.

Origin: Bochum, Germany
Type of Gin: Hop Gin, Dry Gin, Pink Gin
Alc.: 38.5% – 45%
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Fresh herbs meets fruit notes, juniper meets hop

The Products

The Recipe

The recipe of the LiquorMacher KRÄUTER was created by Martin's great-great-grandfather in 1891 and was refined by both of them over months and numerous tastings with selected herbs. The result is a herbal liqueur that is not too sweet, not too tart and is already a pleasure at room temperature. The finely distilled LiquorMacher GIN was developed during neighbourhood barbecues. After some tests with the garden's own rosemary and various citrus notes, a perfect match for barbecue and grilled steak was created.

The Hop-Idea

Martin and Timo first introduced the idea of refining a gin with hops to their friends and beer sommeliers Carla and Hubertus Fiege, who were immediately

enthusiastic. And so the LiquorMacher HOPPEN GIN was developed together with the family brewery Moritz Fiege and their hop expertise.

It's PINK!

The latest addition to the range of diverse spirits is the berry-strong PINK GIN, which pairs fruity berries with fresh citrus fruits. The idea for this eye-catching, charming drink came to the two LiquorMacher on holiday and is not least an ode to summer and sweet femininity.

The Batches

All this is done in small batches, based on natural raw materials, by hand and with a great love of detail. And the boys are already thirsty for the next crazy idea.




Martin and Timo are two boys from Bochum who have been friends for 27 years. They are united by their love for the region and their passion for good drinks. They met at the age of 16 on the Vespa, in their mid-20s they both made a name for themselves as club owners and founders of a DJ music platform in Bochum's nightlife. Today, Martin and Timo are neighbours who know what belongs in a glass - and as LiquorMacher they combine tradition and modernity to create something exciting new.



Trying out unusual combinations, questioning established procedures, crossing borders and thinking outside the box - that is the philosophy of LiquorMacher. And so the crazy idea of not letting a 125-year-old family recipe gather dust in a drawer quickly became much more.




When juniper meets the best of the garden, fine citrus notes mate with rosemary and you turn the garden into an open-air festival - then it's time for this gin. Tastes like: Summer barbecue with friends & your favourite bands.


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