Puhoi RNZYS Commodore’s Reserve Dry Gin

#New Zealand

Title: Puhoi RNZYS Commodore’s Reserve Dry Gin

Citrus Juniper

Named by Lonely Planet as the “top of the list boutique distillery worldwide”, Puhoi is the only distillery in Auckland that is also open for tourists. Started by three Ukrainian immigrants, Puhoi is still a small family-owned business and helped to gain recognition for the small town it is named after. The brand is environment-conscious and, as a boutique distillery, the gin is made in small batches and the owners are involved in every step of the process.


For Real Shellbacks

This one is a limited edition gin, made for all the yachtsmen and -women, who want to enjoy a drink after a long day on deck, but do not want to wake up with a bad hangover. The ingredients are all-natural, featuring various organic berries and spices. A very smooth gin with prominent notes of citrus and juniper. RNZYS Commodore’s reserve Dry Gin is very pure and can be enjoyed neat, as well as in the cocktails.  

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