Sepoy & Co. Elderflower Tonic Water


Title: Sepoy & Co. Elderflower Tonic Water

Elderflower Quinine Lemon

Carefully balanced mandarin oils with delicate Elderflower notes are perfectly accompanied with gentle bitterness of natural quinine. A perfect companion for juniper heavy gins, vodka and reposado tequilas.

Founder Angad Soni, who can sometimes in the summer be spied sipping Double Dutch tonic water in East London, is the entrepreneur behind the bottle. During India's gin-splosion, Angad saw the same market gap that Mumbai's Svamis first noticed, and started work on Sepoy & Co. in 2017. "Ours is an all natural (plus quinine), low calorie drink – Sepoy contains less than 5 gms of sugar. Make room on your shelf for these (we guarantee you'll find a way to re-use the attractive bottles): classic Indian tonic, mint and spiced grapefruit variants, all three of which can be purchased online in Delhi-NCR and shipped, or sipped at bars like PCO, Sidecar, and at The Lodhi hotel. “I’ve just sent some samples over to Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner as well,” Angad tells us, and we instantly think of a swirling mint tonic spring that would serve as an excellent mirage for hot, wandering souls. Meanwhile Mumbai, be patient; Sepoy & Co. launches here in a month and they plan to stock at your favourite gourmet supermarkets. But if you really, really want some now, press Angad and he may just relent. We hear a box of assorted Sepoy & Co. tonic waters was just shipped to a particularly persistent customer in Coimbatore. Right now though, Angad is hunched over a laptop, thinking about future bubbles - a battalion of new flavours like ginger ale and bitter lemon and even a Plain Jane soda “ but crafted accurately with the right amount of carbonation and containing two different salts.” Sepoy advancing.

Origin: New Delhi, India
Five different Tonics
Price Range: €€




Sepoy & Co. Tonic

“Our story started halfway between New Delhi and London, sipping G & T’s in the air. That trip turned into an extensive tasting of Gin and Tonics (mostly Tonics) and a question — ‘Why?’ Why are there no premium natural mixers available in India to mix with all the great Gin's we buy?” says Soni.

Which is why he went on to create a world class tonic or “premium adult soft beverage” as he prefers to call it, which is both 100 percent natural and can cater to the unique tastes of the Indian palate. Thus with plenty of diligence, patience and over a years hard work resulted in Sepoy & Co.. Soni worked with industry experts and distillers across India and England, to finally be satisfied with a perfectly balanced tonic water.

Go back to drinking your G&T’s with artisanal tonic brewed in India in three yummy flavours.

The buzzwords around every city in India nowadays seem to “au-naturale” “artisanal” and “homegrown”. Keeping up with this latest trend is entrepreneur Angad Soni who recently launched an exclusive line of tonic waters and mixers based out of Delhi called Sepoy & Co. While multinational companies churn out tonic waters, it’s been a long time coming since someone realised that there needs to be an original Indian brand, albeit small, but one that makes the product with a exclusive twist.

Sepoy & Co. uses a unique blend of essential oils and spices with quinine and just the right amount of carbonation, so that the products can make an accompaniment to spirit or even be enjoyed just as they are — a stand-alone soft beverage. It is expertly brewed in India, following the highest quality manufacturing and bottling practices.

Here’s good news for everyone who has been keeping off tonic due to its high number of calories, Sepoy & Co’s tonics are crafted precisely to be naturally light, and contain less than 5 grams of sugar, without compromising on the delicate balance of flavours. So you can go back to drinking your G&T’s without a worry of the affect it may have on your hips. The products are free from artificial sweeteners, flavours, preservatives and colours. Take your pick from three flavours—Indian tonic water, spiced grapefruit and good old mint.



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