Humboldt Gin


Title: Humboldt Gin

Blue Sage Congona Epazote Guarana Seeds

When von Humboldt arrived in Paris in August 1804, he had not only his famous notes and sketches, but also countless plant samples in his luggage. Many of these samples are still used today in the Herbarium of the Botanical Garden. About 3000 exhibits count the collection.

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A Gin Out of an Archive This archive provided the inspiration for the Humboldt Gin. Its seven central aroma generators, the so-called lead botanicals, trace important stages of his South American journey: Congona from the Canary Islands, Angosturar bark and guarana seeds from the Orinoco, Allspice from the Caribbean Islands, China bark and blue sage from the Andes, and Epazote from Mexico.

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60 kilometres south of Berlin is the idyllic Spreewald floodplain landscape, which resembles a river delta. The lowlands with their unique microclimate offer the best conditions for the maturation of whisky and rum. Here, in the middle of a biosphere reserve, the Spreewald distillery, founded in 2003 and taken over by the "Spreewood Distillers" in 2016, is located in the picturesque village Schlepzig. The Spreewald Distillery is the oldest whisky distillery in Brandenburg and the first rye whiskey distillery in Germany.


Behind the "Spreewood Distillers" are three people who are not entirely unknown in the spirits industry. There is Steffen Lohr for one thing. The former bartender (including "Der Raum", Melbourne) worked for years as a brand ambassador for Bacardi before he went into business for himself with Bastian Heuser

and Sebastian Brack with the agency "Small Big Brands". Sebastian Brack in turn invented the successful bitter lemonade brand "Thomas Henry" and is co-founder of "Belsazar" Vermouth. Third in the group is Bastian Heuser - also a former bartender and one of the co-founders of the "Bar Convent Berlin", the leading European trade fair for the bar and beverage industry.


With the takeover of the distillery in autumn 2016, the three fulfilled their long-cherished dream of having their own spirits manufacture. The Spreewood Distillers produce not only the award-winning STORK CLUB whisky but also Humboldt Gin, as well as a small selection of liqueurs and spirits.



Over the distillery

Auf ca. 1.500 qm Grundfläche erstreckt sich das nach Art eines klassischen Vier-Seiten-Hofes neu errichtete Gebäude-Ensemble der Destillerie inmitten von Schlepzig. Das Dorf mit seinen 619 Einwohnern wurde übrigens 1999 zum schönsten Dorf Brandenburgs ausgezeichnet! Die Gebäude


beherbergen ein Hof-Café, einen Hofgarten, einen Seminarraum mit offener Küche für bis zu 20 Personen, einen Event-Raum mit offener Küche für bis zu 50 Personen, das Brennhaus, die Whisky-Scheune sowie eine Kahnterrasse mit direktem Zugang zum Spreekanalnetz.


Humboldt Freigeist Alkoholfrei

Humboldt Freigeist Alkoholfrei

This gin was made for anyone who does not consume alcohol at all or just wants to take a break ...
Humboldt Gin

Humboldt Gin

When von Humboldt arrived in Paris in August 1804, he had not only his famous notes and sketches, but also ...


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