Windspiel Premium Sloe Gin


Title: Windspiel Premium Sloe Gin

Sloe Berries

The trendy Windspiel Premium Sloe Gin is created with as much attention to detail and expertise as the classic dry gin. The biggest difference at first glance appears to be the colour, as this spirit shines in an exciting red. This is due to the special ingredient that gives it its name: It's sloe gin from Germany. Sloe gin has a sweeter profile than dry juniper brandy, thanks to the hand-picked sloes. The red fruits of this shrub growing in the Eifel were carefully harvested after the first frost and processed into sloe juice. These berries and their juice find their way into the macerate and complement the other botanicals for the flavouring. Regional and international ingredients are brought together in a secret distillery recipe.

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Summer Gin

With the exciting wind chime Premium Sloe Gin you treat yourself to an alternative to conventional gin, which is especially popular during the warm season. Sweet and fruity as well as finely tart notes are expressed in the aroma and taste. Like its relatives, Windspiel's Sloe Gin is based on potatoes from a hamlet in the Volcanic Eifel. Whether on a balmy summer evening or as part of a drink - the gin liqueur with sloe berries is convincing all along the line. Rather mild and sweet, but also flowery and with a hint of spice and citrus fruits, it conjures a happy smile on the face.

Origin: Eifel, Germany
Type of Gin: Dry Gin, Sloe Gin
Alc.: 33.3% – 47%
Price Range: €€€




The Story of the Windspiels

Down-to-earth and epicurean

The history of wind chimes is that of a simple, down-to-earth vision. Sandra Wimmeler, Denis Lönnendonker and Tobias Schwoll were in search of a self-determined life, independent of all constraints. This vision led the three of them to the Weilerhof in the tranquil village of Berlingen in the volcanic Eifel in 2008. Nothing was to be seen near or far except woods, land and the Kasselburg. The three decided: this is the place where our dreams should become reality. Honest products and a life close to nature were their goal. But to exchange the fine thread for overalls? They wouldn't be the wind chimes if they were

do not also wear flies, suspenders and beautiful dresses at their court and pursue the sense of pleasure.

Only Tobias threw himself into the flannel shirt and with a lot of hard work he made sure that the three of them soon came closer to their dream of independence. Every evening the three of them treated themselves to a glass of gin and ate relaxed Eifel potato dishes. Until one day Tobias began to talk about his dreams. He wanted to become a potato farmer. But with the stony soil here in the Eifel, that would be almost impossible. Impossible for almost everyone, but not for Tobias von den Windspiels.



A dream was born


The non-easy is the Delightful

Not long afterwards, Tobias prepared the stony Eifel fields for the planting of his muchloved potatoes. He knew how to extract the best from the soils. And only the best was good enough for the Windspiels. Then came the idea: Why didn‘t they make their own gin from the noble potato instead of the usual grain? That would deliver an exquisite flavour.So they began to experiment and found an experienced master distiller in Holger Borchers. Their task was to make a sophisticated gin with an exquisite and subtle flavour. Down-to-earth but still suitable for self-confident connoisseurs. They spent months working together on a formula, refined the botanicals and finally came up with the perfect result: their Premium Dry Gin.

others thought it was a crazy thought. But in the end, they had started with a vision and visions have to be realized.

So they began to experiment and found an experienced master distiller in Holger Borchers. The task: the gin should be fine, with an exquisite and subtle note. Down-to-earth, but still for self-confident connoisseurs. For months they worked together on a recipe, refined the botanicals and finally it was perfect: their Premium Dry Gin.

Windspiel was created

The only thing missing now was a name for this exquisite product. It needed to do justice to such a remarkable gin and also tell the story of the three creators. After a long dinner and talk about German history with friends, they had found the perfect name. They called their exquisite liquor: Windspiel Premium Dry Gin. Dedicated to Frederick the Great, who discovered the potato in Germany and his second great passion: the greyhound, or in German „Windspiel“.



Windspiel Premium Dry Gin

Windspiel Premium Dry Gin

The fine Windspiel (in English: wind chime) Premium Dry Gin is not only a multiple medal winner, but also the ...
Windspiel Premium Sloe Gin

Windspiel Premium Sloe Gin

The trendy Windspiel Premium Sloe Gin is created with as much attention to detail and expertise as the classic dry ...

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