Woodhill Distilled Gin


Title: Woodhill Distilled Gin

Coriander Seeds Rose Blossom Angelica Lavender Lemongrass Asparagus Pink Peppercorn Iris Root

Woodhill Gin stands for a journey to find the best combination of flavors to leave you with a warm, indulgent feeling. This Premium Gin is distilled in collaboration with the Thames Distillery in London. Woodhill Gin is a new interpretation of the classic London Dry Gin, mixing tradition and exotic ingredients. Each and every bottle of gin that finds its way to the eager gin enthusiast is the result of a creative process and experimenting with the natural ingredients, making Woodhill Gin a truly unique brand.


Freedom & Tranquility

Woodhill Distilled Gin is a so-called “small batch” gin: The producers pay attention to every little detail, which is why it is still limited in stock. The Danish distillery uses only the best natural plants for their special gin. These include juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica root, iris root, lavender, asparagus, pink peppercorn, lemongrass, and rosebud. The gin was inspired by the landscape, the sea, the woods, and the warm feeling of freedom and tranquility. Perfect serve: Beet-gin-fizz with rosemary (2 parts beet-juice, 1 part rosemary-syrup, 4 parts Woodhill Gin)

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