Woodland – Pink Gin


Title: Woodland – Pink Gin

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Sauerland Distillers GmbH

Something about Sauerland Distillers GmbH

Woodland describe themselves with a short slogan: “Gute Jungs. Guter Gin.” (in English: “Good Guys. Good Gin.”). However, the origin story of the brand is unusual, to say the least. In the beginning, they wanted to produce a marketing product, to make the Sauerland (a region in Germany) more popular.

. Till Brauckmann was looking for a hip lifestyle product and landed on gin. His product stands for the Sauerland region with all that is has and is not a marketing gimmick, but an honest, real gin. Woodland’s recipe was created by famous cook Olaf Baumeister and uses ingredients from the region.

. When it came to financing, Brauckmann did not want to trust in investors who had no real passion for the product, but rather financed the spirit himself with some friends of his (Andreas Schulte, Matthias Czech, Dr. Moritz Dimde and Gregor Biedrzycki) and founded the Sauerland Distillers GmbH.

. Woodland Gin, named after Sauerland’s most important resource, its trees, is an iconic product in Sauerland by now, but even if you are not from the region, try it, you will not be disappointed.




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