photographer: Evgeny Tchebotarev

Roku Gin – Gin with Six Japanese Botanicals

A global success story and probably Japan’s best-known gin, Roku, which means ‘six’ in Japanese, is named after the spirit’s six botanicals: sakura flower and leaf, green tea, gyokuro (premium green tea), sansho pepper and yuzu peel. These quintessential Japanese flavours are also showcased prominently on the hexagonal bottle design.

Six Japanese Botanicals are meticulously selected and reaped during all four seasons of the year – according to the principle Shun – to create the authentic Japanese Craft Gin Roku. Every single ingredient is separately distilled to extract its aroma at its best.

It’s a beautifully aromatic and harmonious gin, perfect for those who prefer a more subdued juniper flavour. The initial sweet, floral aroma is a crowd-pleaser, which is then rounded off with a crisp spicy-citrusy finish – but it’s the smooth, buttery texture that will have you continue sipping.

The Roku bottle is designed with lovely details and high accurateness reflecting the Japanese aesthetic handicraft. The hexagonal bottle shape is symbolizing the perfect balance between the six botanicals which are also printed on the bottle. The label is made with traditional Japanese Washi paper and the Kanji symbol, standing for the number ‘six’, is printed on the label.

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Melanie Rahimpour

Melanie Rahimpour