The Hills of Tuscany Sabatini -History of a Distillery –

Tuscany welcomes us with the gin of Sabatini’s house.

The passion for the world of liqueurs in the Sabatini family began at the beginning of the last century with Guglielmo Giacosa, Ugo Sabatini’s maternal grandfather. He graduated in oenology and was sent to Bolivia by Cinzano, to run the local factory and start the production of the famous Vermouth.

His work brought him to Australia but the war was near, and he was personally involved in it. He managed, after the world war, to create a line of Vermouth and Marsala with the name Boronia, at Wyns and Co. 

The passion was a family affair and in 2015 Sabatini started his own adventure.

The family’s experience, the high-quality juniper of which Tuscany is rich, and the desire to create a high-quality Italian gin, make the perfect formula of the Sabatini’s family.

Sabatini’s values

Their London Dry Gin was conceived with one of the leading experts in the field, Charles Maxwell, from London-based Thames Distillers. Botanicals grown mainly on family property of Villa Ugo, in Cortona and in the surrounding areas, to create a London Dry Gin of excellence that brings the scents and flavours of Tuscany.

Why appreciate Sabatini

It is distilled without the addition of any artificial elements and the distillation takes place in a Pot Still, with an alcoholic base of agricultural grain and botanicals that give it its unmistakable Tuscan identity. Experience and homegrown botanicals, exactly nine Tuscan botanicals (Tuscan Juniper, Florentine Iris, Coriander, Lemon Verbena, Sage, Thyme, Olive Leaves, Lavender, Wild Fennel), make Gin Sabatini an Italian excellence.

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