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The world of Gin

People from Europe, Australia and North America are not the only Gin lovers. People from Africa, Asia and South America produce their own exceptional Gins enriched with local ingredients. 

Africa: Special exotism in the Gin glass

Cape Town: The City of Gin

Africa offers in particular exceptional ingredients which surprises with a totally new taste experience. Especially in South Africa all around Cape Town, Gin is booming since a few years. Until today, more than 135 different Gin types exists. Due to the addition of local herbage and fruits, the Africans know how to give a special flavor to their Gin. Cape Town Gin Co. is known for his classical Dry Gin, Rooibos Gin and the homemade Pink Lady Gin with flavors of roses. Their London Dry Gin and the Rooibos Gin were respectively in their categories in the World Drink Awards 2017 priced as the best Gin in South Africa.

Kenya: Saving elephants by drinking Gin!

Elephants in Africa

Kenya added to the category of tasty homemade Gins. Elephant Gin is created by the couple Tessa and Robin Gerlach, both originally from Germany and big elephant lovers. During a trip through Kenya, they got inspired and made use of the diversity of species of the land by mixing the traditional ingredients with African specials as Buchu, a traditional medical plant, and Baobab, the favorite fruit from the elephants and extremely rich in vitamin C. Elephant Gin has an extraordinary taste, but the best is that by drinking that Gin you save lives! 15 % from the profit contributes to both African foundations “Big Life Foundation” and “Space for Elephants” for saving the elephants.

Nairobi: The whole African continent spirit in one Gin

Procera Gin is a Craft Gin originally from Nairobi which make use of the abundance of African nature. It is composed of 10 botanicals coming from all over Africa, amongst others Pink Pepper from Madagascar and Orris Root from Marocco, and is distilled in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. But the highlight of Procera Gin is the special African juniper which grows only on the hills of Kenya and Ethiopia. It gives the Gin a nutty, earthy flavor. Procera Gin is bottled in hand-blown bottles, also produced in Nairobi. A truly unique Gin.

South America: Gin from Rum-barrels, the Andes and the Rain forests

The Latin Americans sparked by their astonishing creativity and their way of distilling in Rum and Pisco production of which they take advantage for setting new priorities in their local Gin production.

Colombia: Gin from Rum-barrels

Rum Barrels

Dictador is known as excellent Colombian Rum but meanwhile, they have their homemade Gin too, the Dictador Colombian Aged Gin. For its production, Dictador profits from his knowledge about Rum distillation. After the distillation and flavoring by adding the most exquisite botanicals, the Gin is stored in Rum-barrels. Thereby, it tastes besides of ginger, orange and lemon also sweet and of molasses, vanilla and wood what makes Dictador Gin a truly particular taste experience.

Peru: Premium Gin with Peruvian ingredients

GIN’CA Small Batch Gin is the first Peruvian Premium-Gin, produced in the “The Inca Distillery” in Peru. Special ingredients are besides juniper amongst others the Peruvian herbage Huacatay, rosemary, lime zest, Peruvian pepper and cinnamon sticks. The Gin is produced with local sugar cane grown in Laredo. It is a tasteful Gin which predominate the juniper taste.

Ecuador: The world unified in one Gin

Ecuador created the all-round Crespo London Dry Gin for which botanicals coming from four different continents are used: for example juniper from Bulgaria, orange and lemon from the USA, cinnamon from India, coriander from Morocco and licorice from Uzbekistan. That classic London Dry Gin can be either consumed pure or with ice cubes, both ways are equally good to enjoy its exotic flavors.

Venezuela: pure taste of the Amazon Rain Forest

Amazon Rain Forest
Amazon Rain Forest

Having Canaima Small Batch Gin is like a trip in Venezuela’s rain forest due to the origin of its ingredients are originally from there. Besides juniper, there are six exotic Amazon botanicals, amongst others cashew nut as well as palm fruits. The intensive aroma reminds of the luxuriant and humid Amazon jungles,  tropical fruits, grapefruit and black pepper. Like a hike-tour through the lush Amazon – is full of pure joy & never forgetting experience.

Asia: Full-bodied Gin from the Middle and Far East

China: Exotic mixture with tea leafs

For a short time, China is experimenting and brought amongst others the “Sun” Gin in the market, a Craft Gin and London Dry combined with Chinese ingredients like green tea and shisho leafs. It has a bitter, lemon taste with a light cacao flavor.

Japan: A noble spirit from the Far East

People walking on the streets in Japan

Nikka Coffey, globally known for its Japanese Whisky, disposes now also his homemade Nikka Coffey Gin in his assortment, distilled similarly. Gin lovers adore that Gin for its true taste diversity due to the addition of diverse ingredients, amongst them Japanese citrus fruits and black pepper.

Myanmar: Insider tip from Gin lovers

Even Myanmar, until now pretty unknown, created its own local Gin: Myanmar Dry Gin. Gin lovers swear by its unique sweet-lemon, orange-bitter taste which exists only once as they say. A real insider tip!

India: Enjoy Gin like the Kings

Bada Bagh Temple in Jaisalmer, India
Bada Bagh Temple in Jaisalmer, India

Deep in the sand dunes of astonishing beauty of Jaisalmer City in the state of Rajasthan, furthermore the king residence for India’s Maharajas and Maharanis much before when India, “The Golden Bird” was ruled by the British. It gives birth to the royal Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin. In one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of the old India, a gorgeous exotic Gin was produced with juniper and typical Indian ingredients like green tea from the Himalaya, lemon grass, cubeb pepper, lemon and orange zest plus caraway. Seven of the eleven handpicked ingredients are from all the regions of the massive Indian territory. This Gin takes you to an exotic trip to Jaisalmer, the Golden City full of rich palaces and caravans depicting the rich culture & heritage – giving you the feel to be like a King sitting miles away!

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