Trolden Copperpot Gin-The Citrus Gin

The “Trolden Copperpot Gin” is a gin produced in Denmark. As the name suggests, this gin is distilled in small copper kettles, which contain a classic “infusion box”. The aromas are gently transferred into the gin from the box, making it particularly mild without losing its intensity. The taste of this gin is not dominated by juniper berries, but by citrus fruits. The botanicals used are juniper berries, orange peel, carrots, lime peel, angelica, coriander, ginger, and pepper. Visually, the Trolden Copperpot Gin bottle is not at all reminiscent of a classic gin, the cylindrical shape of the bottle and the long bottleneck is more similar to a fine wine bottle. 

Perfect serve: preferably with tonic and ice.

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Katharina Tompert

Katharina Tompert

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