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When Georg and Elke Schenk moved to Dresden in 1998, they were immediately struck by the beautiful meadow orchards, some of which were not tended to at all. After purchasing a property they started establishing a distillery and used the old kinds of fruit growing on the orchards for their fine spirits. The distill, called “Fat Berta”, was finally installed in 2001. The brand’s namesake King August The Strong was a strong influence in Saxony’s fruit cultivation and had a taste for the finer things in life. Without him, the gorgeous meadows would not exist today. Georg and Elke use the kinds of fruit some may remember from a long time ago, when their grandparents grew them in their garden, but to most people, they are already forgotten. The Schenk couple wants to take them out of obscurity into your glass. Augustus Rex produces mostly fruit brandy and liquor, but have two new gins in their assortment of spirits. They have been awarded several times by now.



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