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In 2007, the founders of Duke Gin, Max and Daniel, met to drink some glasses of their favorite beverage, when they had the idea to produce their very own gin. In a romantic backyard in Munich, they started brewing in β€œCarl”, their copper pot. After one year of developing their perfect spirit, they finally released the gin with a Bavarian twist into the world. Max and Daniel have been producing high quality gin and vodka by hand since 2008 now, and there is no end in sight: The Duke Gin is famous for its powerful and unique taste now. Carl still exists, but is accompanied by larger pots and the team behind The Duke has also grown into 25 members by now. The new distillery is open to gin fans and anyone else, you can take a tour and try their delicious spirits.

Late in the evening of autumn 2007, two young gentlemen got together to enjoy a cultivated gin & tonic at the end of the day’s work. Always tempted by a good drop, one glass resulted in another and the ideas developed with equal daring.

At a time when the subject of gin was still in a deep sleep, they courageously set about putting an end to this culinary wasteland. For in their eager search for the gin of life, no real satisfaction could be found. Had it not been for their inspiration that night – thanks to their highly spiritual GIN inspiration – they would still be restlessly searching up and down the country for the blessed drink.

“Abstinence is a wonderful thing, if practised in moderation.” (American saying)

And with that the “Schnapsidee” was born and THE DUKE distillery took its beginning. The home for this noble mission was to be a contemplative backyard in the heart of Munich, in which a specially made copper kettle with the proud name “Carl” bubbled tirelessly. The two of them took a whole year of development time to finally bring THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin to life in autumn 2008 as pioneers in the field of German Gin, thus bringing a Bavarian taste experience to the former GINosphere.

Passion and dedication were the basic ingredients that led the two founders Max & Daniel to the beloved juniper distillate. At the beginning, they were only to be found as diligent buyers, but an unsuspecting tingling in the fingers was not long in coming. Since 2008 the distillery has been producing gin and vodka by hand. With its powerful and unique taste, THE DUKE Gin is now considered a culinary treat far beyond the borders of Bavaria.



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