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LiquorMacher was founded by Martin Prinzenberg and Timo Becker, two German guys from Bochum, who have known each other for 27 years now. They have been in the entertainment business, owning clubs and founding a DJ platform and now the two neighbors are making fine spirits. In 2018 they had the idea to refine Martin’s great-grandfather’s herb liquor recipe and produce and sell it. The next idea was to combine the best of gin and beer: Hopfen Gin (Hop Gin) was born. And the ideas did not stop there: A gin that should accompany a grilled steak perfectly was invented at an actual BBQ by them. All of these spirits are produced in small batches with natural ingredients and a lot of love for detail and handwork.

Try out unusual combinations, question established procedures, cross borders

and think laterally, that is the philosophy of the LiquorMacher. And so the crazy idea was turned into a 125 not to leave years old family recipe gathering dust in the drawer, quickly much more.



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